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Mold Guard 1020: A Mildew Resistant Paint

See How Our Protective Coating Helps Prevent Mold & Mildew in Commercial & Residential Buildings

Mildew is a close cousin of mold that is distinguished by its color. Mold is generally black in color while mildew is white. Mildew is a thin fungal filament that survives on living plants and organic materials like wood and paper, causing a distinctive smell and some potential ailments. Mildew grows best in warm, moist environments, and the best way to combat mildew growth is to prevent it before it starts. Using a mildew resistant paint such as ShieldAll 1020 – Mold Guard during the construction process will guard the protected surfaces of the structure you’re building from succumbing to mildew growth in the future.


ShieldAll 1020 – Mold Guard acts like a mildew resistant paint. It’s a non-toxic, water-based coating that will adhere to almost any common building material and can be applied by rolling, spraying, or brushing. This versatility allows ShieldAll 1020 – Mold Guard to be applied in almost any situation and to almost any building material. By using ShieldAll 1020 – Mold Guard during the construction of your building, you can provide mildew protection; even to areas that are normally difficult to protect.

asperillus on treated gypsum

Asperilla niger on Mold Guard 1020 treated Gypsum: 28 days

competitor mildew paint

Asperilla niger on competitor #1 treated Gypsum: 28 days

ShieldAll 1020 – Mold Guard was created using EPA registered non-toxic materials that prevent the growth and spread of mildew; and the coating was stringently tested (using ASTM D5590 standards) for mildew resistance properties in the laboratory before it was sent out into the field. To test the coating, a sample of building material (pine / gypsum board) is painted with ShieldAll 1020 – Mold Guard, and then mildew and mold spores are added directly to the sample and the petri dish. The petri dish is then kept in optimal mold and mildew growing conditions. During the laboratory testing, it was found that ShieldAll 1020 – Mold Guard entirely prevented the growth of mold and mildew on its protected surface. These tests make ShieldAll 1020 – Mold Guard one of the best solutions for mold and mildew prevention in construction.

competitor mildew sample

Asperilla niger on competitor #2 treated Gypsum: 28 days

Like a mildew resistant paint, ShieldAll 1020 – Mold Guard can be tinted to match the color of many surfaces. By also being available in a clear finish, it’s possible to apply this protection to many buildings without drawing unwanted attention and maintaining the architectural aesthetic of the building. ShieldAll 1020 – Mold Guard can be applied to both residential and commercial buildings, making it easy to protect almost any building you might be constructing.

ShieldAll 1020 – Mold Guard is a durable coating that not only provides mildew resistance to most construction material but also reduces the maintenance required to keep a building looking its best. Once the coating is applied, it bonds to the covered material and is resistant to blistering and peeling. This resistance means that the protection will last for years and won’t require multiple applications to maintain effectiveness.


ShieldAll 1020 – Mold Guard is the best mildew prevention solution for any foundation!


mold on gypsum

Asperilla niger on competitor #3 treated Gypsum: 28 days