What’s a typical pest that can infest a building or home? Particularly damaging pests are wood-boring ones like termites. These pests can dig into a building or home quickly and silently, causing lots of damage with little or no warning. Facing damage from wood-boring pests is expensive and stressful. By following these pest prevention tips, you can prevent the damage from happening in the first place.

  1. Perform yearly inspections to make sure there isn’t any damage.

If the wood-boring pests have found a spot that wasn’t initially protected, you need to find it as soon as possible to minimize damage. The best way to prevent more damage is to have a yearly inspection performed to make sure everything is still looking amazing.

  1. Manage food sources.

Like any creature, wood-boring pests like termites invade your building for its resources like food and water. Also, clear wood and other debris such as leaves from the grounds around your building, and do so regularly to maintain the area. 

  1. Recognize possible entry points.

If possible, avoid and minimize the contact between your building and the soil, wood, and plants around it. For example, mulch beds can become gathering grounds for a termite colony because mulch contains wood and moisture. 

  1. Use a pest prevention product.

The best pest prevention tip is to use a proven protective coating that guards against wood-boring pests. Using a protective coating prevents the problem at its source: With a protective coating applied, the termites will no longer be interested in the potential resources of your building. In fact, termites will want to entirely avoid the surfaces that are coated with ShieldAll 2020-Pest Guard

ShieldAll 2020-Pest Guard

Your best pest prevention tip is to make sure your wood surfaces are coated with ShieldAll 2020- Pest Guard, which protects the wood surfaces of many buildings from day one. ShieldAll 2020-Pest Guard is a pest prevention coating that can be brushed, rolled, or sprayed onto the wood surfaces. This paintable and nontoxic ShieldAll solution is a water-based coating that can be easily applied to the most common building materials and offers long-lasting protection.

ShieldAll 2020 – Pest Guard stops those wood-boring pests from getting a foothold on covered surfaces, giving contractors and clients the peace of mind they need. ShieldAll is so confident in our protective coatings that we provide an industry-leading 25-year warranty against mold and 10-year warranty against visible termite damage. ShieldAll 2020-Pest Guard is one of the best solutions in the industry for multiple surface pest protection. Learn more about this innovative solution and contact ShieldAll today!