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Wood Boring Insects

Protect Your Home or Building from Ants, Termites, & More

Wood-boring insects such as termites live in colonies and feast on plant-based material such as wood. In the wild, their plant-based environment provides many positives to the ecosystem, but in your home, all they do is cause damage. Once wood-boring insects infest your home, they can be almost impossible to remove. So, before they even get a foothold in your door, use ShieldAll 2020—Pest Guard to protect your project. ShieldAll 2020—Pest Guard is a coating that creates a barrier that prevents wood-boring insects from wanting to stick around. While it won’t kill the insects, this non-toxic product makes the material inhospitable, and prevents them from staying or causing damage.


ShieldAll 2020—Pest Guard is a paint-like solution that can be applied by rolling, spraying, or brushing, making it a versatile solution that can be applied almost anywhere. It can also be tinted to match many common construction surfaces, so your customers and clients will never know it’s been applied, and the architectural aesthetic of the building will remain the same. Unlike regular pest prevention solutions, ShieldAll 2020—Pest Guard can be applied in small spaces so every part of the building can be protected.


ShieldAll 2020—Pest Guard is made with EPA-registered nontoxic materials that keep the insects from staying. This pest prevention solution is tested to ensure that the wood-boring insects aren’t going to take up shop in your protected building. This long-lasting durable insect prevention solution is going to keep the insects in their own homes instead of in your home or building, while providing additional strength to the material.

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If a building or property has been ravaged by wood-boring insects, you can apply ShieldAll 2020—Pest Guard after the insects have been removed to help ensure the insects don’t return. ShieldAll 2020—Pest Guard bonds to most common construction materials and offers additional surface strength to them, keeping the material from blistering and peeling, and offering no places for wood-boring insects to enter. This coating ability also offers the peace of mind both you and your client will need to make sure the building is completely protected from these pests.


ShieldAll 2020—Pest Guard is a water-based solution that offers easy cleanup so no matter where it’s being applied, cleanup will be easy and stress-free. For invisible and durable wood-boring insect protection ShieldAll 2020—Pest Guard should be your first thought. Don’t change your design to ensure protection. ShieldAll 2020—Pest Guard is the protection you need so your clients can have peace of mind.


ShieldAll 2020—Pest Guard is the best wood-boring insect prevention for any foundation!