You recently purchased your dream home. After an intensely heavy rain, you notice that there seems to be damp spots in the basement. While the previous owners didn’t mention dampness or mold, you’re worried about the potential for a mold infestation. How do you stop mold from infesting your new, beautiful home?

Moisture is your enemy. The first thing you want to look for when inspecting your basement or any building is how much moisture is in the air or the space. The more moisture present, the more likely it is that you’ll find mold. Make sure there’s adequate ventilation to keep moisture levels down. If the current air flow isn’t enough, you may need to look into modifying the ventilation system or using a dehumidifier.

If there has been mold, make sure the area has been sanitized. Once a mold infestation has occurred it’s important to make sure the area is completely sanitized. This is best done my using solutions with bleach (on non-porous surfaces) or other sanitizing agents. This will ensure that any mold spores left behind won’t grow into a new infestation. Once the area has been sanitized make sure it has dried completely. As stated above, any moisture left behind can lead to a new infestation.

The best way to stop mold growing on walls is to prevent it from the start. The best way to stop mold growth and prevent the need for cleanup is to stop it from ever starting. By maintaining a clean, dry environment in every room the chances of mold growth are greatly diminished. Using a mold prevention solution during the building process can also ensure that your home isn’t afflicted with mold. ShieldAll 1020-Mold Guard is the solution you need to ensure mold doesn’t invade your home. ShieldAll 1020-Mold Guard is a non-toxic solution that can be utilized on most common building materials and tinted to match any environment. It can be applied just like a paint by rolling, spraying, or brushing, making it possible to apply this solution to all areas.

Don’t leave your home or building open to a mold infestation. ShieldAll 1020- Mold Guard is what you need to keep you building mold-free for years.