Professional Pest Control Supplies

Your home or business building is crawling with pests, and you have wood boring insects slowly working to destroy your edifice from the inside out. What do you need to get rid of these pests? What professional pest control supplies will your pest control expert use, and how will they affect your building?


Pest control experts have a vast array of professional pest control supplies to do battle and rid your building of any insect or animal invaders. Their supplies can include a full body suit so that while they are spraying the area, the solution they’re using doesn’t get on their clothes and skin. If they need the full body suit, they will frequently also wear a respirator to protect their airway and eyes. With the full body suit on and the respirator in place, pest control experts often look like aliens off to do battle against your pest enemies.

Not only will their professional pest control supplies include a full body suit and respirator, but they will often include a metal canister with a spray nozzle so the pest control solution can be evenly distributed throughout the building. What pest control solutions might they use? Most of the solutions used by professional pest control experts include ingredients that are harmful to humans and all animals, including pets. These solutions must undergo EPA registration, a process by which it is demonstrated that they can be diluted enough to still be effective but have minimal impact on the environment. These pest control solutions can be sprayed or dusted over the interior of the building to ensure complete pest control. It’s the use of these solutions that makes the full body suit an important arsenal in professional pest control supplies and also makes it necessary for a building to remain empty for a period after treatment.


The professional pest control supplies needed to keep your home or business building pest free are vast and sometimes dangerous.


So, consider pest prevention before you resort to toxins. For wood-boring pests like termites, count on ShieldAll 2020-Pest Guard. Nontoxic, VOC-free, and long-lasting, ShieldAll 2020-Pest Guard protects surfaces by making the wood undesirable for wood-boring pests. If the pest has no reason to infest your building, it won’t. Pest prevention is as simple as that.


Choose ShieldAll 2020-Pest Guard: the best solution for a strong and durable foundation!

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