6023 Fire Guard 1 Gallon


ShieldAll 6023 Fire Guard is a white fire retardant coating that slows the growth of flame and smoke spread during a fire. Use this coating to guard surfaces throughout your building.

ShieldAll 6023 can be used to protect those hard to reach surfaces like under the staircase or wherever wallboard is not practical.

ShieldAll 6023 is intended for interior applications with excellent adhesion to wood, OSB, drywall, and concrete. It is flexible, and will not chip, crack, flake nor blister. It can be over-coated with commercial latex paints.

ShieldAll 6023 meets NFPA 90A & 90B 25/50 requirements for interior applications when tested by ASTM E-84 over construction materials at 80 ft2/gallon cover rate. Tested at 80 ft2/gallon over 7/16 inch OSB it obtained a FSI of 20, and a Smoke developed Index of 155.

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Typical Properties

Color: White
Consistency: Brush, roll, or spray
Weight per gallon: 10.6-10.8 lbs.
Total Solids by Weight: 60-63%
Viscosity range: 2000-4000 cps
Coverage Rate: 80-250 ft²/gal. (Subject to the smoothness and porosity of the material being coated, and protection required

LIMITATIONS: Store and apply between 40F and 105F. Protect from freezing. Product shelf life is approximately 1 year when stored between 40°F and 105°F. For exterior use top coat with a high quality exterior latex paint after 48 hours (minimum) dry time. Keep out of reach of children. For Professional Use Only

WARNING: This product does not product does not protect the user or others against bacteria, viruses, germs, or other disease organisms. For trained professional us only. Do not add water or any thinning agent. Protect from freezing and direct sunlight. Store between 40()F and(4()C) and 100()F (38()C). This product will not prevent a fire from occurring or continuing. No protective coating makes anything 100% fireproof. ShieldAll 6023 should be used only as part of a complete fire prevention system.