1020 Mold Guard 5 Gallon


ShieldAll 1020–Mold Guard is a non-toxic, white surface coating that can be tinted to match many types of wood, wallboard, concrete, and other construction surfaces. ShieldAll 1020–Mold Guard has long-term mold resistance properties that protect surfaces from fungus, mold, or odor-producing bacteria. ShieldAll 1020–Mold Guard is nontoxic and made with EPA-registered materials, and it can be used in any building for any new or remodeling construction projects. It is as safe as a water-based paint, making for easy application and superior bond to most common surfaces. ShieldAll 1020–Mold Guard is back by an unprecedented, industry-leading 25-year warranty. Contact us today for special bulk pricing!

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Typical Properties

Color: White

Consistency: Brush, roll, or spray

Weight per Gallon: 9.5-9.7 lbs.

Total Solids by Weight: 35-37%

Viscosity Range: 1200-3000 cps

Coverage Rate: 300-1000 ft²/gal. (Subject to the smoothness and porosity of the material being coated. The level of protection should also be taken into account.)