During a long, hot, humid summer, the AC in your house breaks down mid-August. While you suffer through the heat, you don’t think much about your house other than the fact that it was stifling. Then one day you go downstairs and you’re greeted with the sight of fuzzy, dark, gross growths on the wall. It’s mold. How did this happen? How did you get mold in the house?

Mold in the house-where does it come from? Mold is a fungus that spreads by using mold spores. The air is constantly filled with mold spores, but they rarely cause mold in a house when the humidity and the temperature in the house are maintained. During the hot summer months, when the AC wasn’t available, the heat and the humidity in your house increased considerably. The added moisture in the air, the darkness of the basement, and the heat from the house allowed the mold to grow in your basement. Now you’re stuck cleaning it up. If you don’t want to come back again and again to clean mold, you can protect your basement from mold growth.

Mold in the house—how can I prevent it? An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Why get stuck needing a cleaning company to remove mold in the house when you could actively prevent it from happening in the first place? While there are some DIY fixes, such as using a dehumidifier or making sure the ventilation of the room is appropriate, there are other preventions that will give you peace of mind. ShieldAll 1020-Mold Guard is one of the best products on the market to prevent mold from growing in a house. ShieldAll 1020-Mold Guard is a coating that can be tinted to match many colors and can be applied just like paint.

How ShieldAll 1020-Mold Guard keeps mold out of the house. The ShieldAll 1020-Mold Guard protective coating is either sprayed, rolled, or painted onto a surface that is susceptible to mold growth. The protective barrier binds to the material and creates a protective coating. This protective coating slows down water from permeating into the material, allowing the material to stay dryer longer. The longer the material can stay dry, the less likely it is to find mold in a house.

Choose ShieldAll 1020-Mold Guard for a strong foundation to any project!