Watching mildew spread across your place of business can be terrifying. Mildew is a microorganism that survives by feasting on organic materials such as those used to build your business. Learning how to prevent mildew will eliminate this possible nightmare from plaguing your business.

Don’t wait until after a mildew infestation to protect all your hard work. Cleaning up mildew after it has infested your building is hard work. It requires cleaning and sanitization to ensure the mildew doesn’t come back. The best practice is to prevent the mildew before it even happens, but how do you prevent mildew before it starts? Before you even start physically building the project you should identify the potential spots where mildew could grow. Mildew likes to grow in moist, dark areas, so identifying any areas in the design that could potentially be dark and retain moisture is the first step in preventing mildew.

Applying a mildew prevention solution in the beginning is how to prevent mildew. ShieldAll 1020- Mold Guard is a non-toxic, water-based coating that can be applied to most common construction materials. It is a solution that can be tinted to match many surfaces, offering protection to even the hardest to reach locations. Preventing mildew is done by creating a protective coating over a material to stop water from seeping in. ShieldAll 1020- Mold Guard offers this crucial protection without being obvious.

ShieldAll 1020- Mold Guard offers protection after a mildew infestation. If your building has been infested with mildew, there’s no reason to despair. Once the mildew has been removed and the area sanitized, ShieldAll 1020- Mold Guard can be used for prevention of a reoccurrence. ShieldAll 1020- Mold Guard bonds to the material and creates a protective coating that offers strength to the affected area. This helps the area to remain dry so the mildew doesn’t return. Figuring out how to prevent mildew from infesting your business isn’t that complicated – use ShieldAll 1020- Mold Guard on all your new construction and remodeling