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Why Use a Mildew Prevention Product?

See why using Mold Guard 1020 provides protection to buildings

Using a mildew prevention product such as ShieldAll 1020—Mold Guard during the new construction or reconstruction process will guard your building from succumbing to mildew growth in the future. Mildew is a thin fungal filament that survives on living plants and organic material such as wood and paper, making it a close cousin to mold. Both cause an odor and can cause long-term damage if not prevented. The major difference between mold and mildew is the color: mildew is typically white. The best solution is to prevent mildew from growing in the first place. Mildew prefers to grow in warm moist environments, so these areas should be the points of focus when building or remediating a structure.


ShieldAll 1020—Mold Guard is a water-based mildew prevention product that adheres to almost any common construction material. This ability to bond to the most common materials allows for the most versatile protection. ShieldAll 1020—Mold Guard can be applied by rolling, spraying, or brushing, and it can be tinted to match many surfaces, ensuring that the architectural aesthetic of a building isn’t jeopardized. By using mildew resistant paint during the construction of your building, you can provide mildew protection to areas that normally can’t be protected.


ShieldAll 1020—Mold Guard was created using EPA registered nontoxic materials that prevent the growth and spread of mildew without causing people or animals to get sick. ShieldAll 1020—Mold Guard is a solution that mold and mildew just don’t want to grow on making it one of the best mildew prevention products on the market. By applying this mildew prevention product to the materials of your building it seals the material so water can’t seep in. By preventing the water from seeping into the material, it prevents the chances of mildew taking root. It doesn’t kill the mildew; it just makes a condition that the mildew doesn’t want to start growing to begin with. 

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If you find yourself in a situation where mildew has invaded a building, you’ll need to clean and remove the mildew. Once the mildew has been removed, you can use ShieldAll 1020—Mold Guard as a mildew prevention product and keep the mildew from ever coming back. This mildew prevention product seals the material and provides added strength to the material.


ShieldAll 1020—Mold Guard is a low maintenance mildew prevention product: Once it’s been added to a material, you won’t have to reapply it for years to come. ShieldAll 1020—Mold Guard is resistant to blistering and peeling, and keeps the material is bonded to from blistering or peeling. This is the type of low-maintenance mildew prevention product needed to offer peace of mind to contractors and clients alike. Once you’ve completed a project, you don’t want to have to worry about mildew causing damage. ShieldAll 1020—Mold Guard has the answers you need to keep your projects looking as good as new.


ShieldAll 1020—Mold Guard is the best mildew prevention product for a strong foundation!