The basement of your building is covered in mold; you’ve called the experts; and you are now working diligently to get the mold removed. The bigger questions: How to keep the mold from coming back? What tools are available there that can give you peace of mind, and keep your space nice and clean?

How to keep mold from coming back sounds like such a simple question. If you maintain the area so it is dry and clean, you shouldn’t have any problems, right? But what if the affected area is in a hard-to-reach spot? Or what if that area is flooded frequently and you just can’t keep it dry? These situations make it hard to keep mold from coming back and can create a frustrating situation. Finding the right solution for you and your building is closer than you think.

What type of solution are you looking for? Are you looking for a paint-type solution to use on the walls or are you looking for something else? The answer to how to keep mold from coming back will vary depending on the time and resources you wish to use. One of the easiest solutions is using a coating material that will cover the walls. ShieldAll 1020-Mold Guard is one of those products. It’s a paint-like solution that can be tinted to match most common surfaces.

How does ShieldAll 1020-Mold Guard keep mold from coming back? ShieldAll 1020-Mold Guard bonds to the most common construction materials used. Once it’s been applied and has bonded, it creates a protective coating that encases the material. And once it has encased the material, it slows the penetration of water into that material, resulting in durable and long-lasting mold protection. Not only does it keep mold from coming back, but it also strengthens the material’s surface. ShieldAll 1020-Mold Guard is an easy-to-apply solution that will protect your home or building for years to come.

ShieldAll 1020-Mold Guard is one of the best solutions for keeping mold from coming back. Choose ShieldAll: the best solution for a strong foundation!