The bathroom is one of the places in your home or business that is the most susceptible to mold growth since water is a constant—from the shower to the sink. Not only is there a constant supply of water, but there also can be very little ventilation, so when the lights go out the bathroom becomes a warm, dark, and moist room. This makes it a prime place for mold growth. There has to be a way to prevent bathroom mold though, right?

How do you prevent bathroom mold? The best way to prevent bathroom mold is at the very beginning when the bathroom is being built. Picking materials that aren’t naturally friendly to mold growth, such as tile and porcelain, is a great start. But what do you do for the spots where tile and porcelain aren’t an option? Using a mold prevention solution is a great alternative. ShieldAll 1020-Mold Guard is one of the best options on the market for preventing bathroom mold. The solution can be applied like a paint and is great in small, confined areas that are hard to reach. This mold prevention solution can be tinted to many colors, so you can get the solution to match the aesthetic you’re looking for. ShieldAll 1020-Mold Guard doesn’t get rid of a mold infestation; it prevents an infestation from even happening.

How does ShieldAll 1020-Mold Guard prevent bathroom mold? ShieldAll 1020-Mold Guard creates a barrier between the environment and the material to which it is applied. This barrier slows down the penetration of the water into the material, allowing the material to stay dry longer so that mold can’t grow on it. If you have a bathroom that had a mold infestation, you can apply ShieldAll 1020-Mold Guard after the mold has been removed to prevent bathroom mold in the future. The solution binds to the material and fills in any gaps, returning strength to the material.

Bathroom mold isn’t easy to clean, so the best strategy is to prevent the bathroom mold from ever starting. ShieldAll 1020-Mold Guard is one of the best solutions for preventing bathroom mold.