As a contractor, you are responsible for constructing the buildings that people will live and work in for years to come. With such responsibility it’s important that the best products are used from the beginning so that your customers are protected. What kind of fire prevention ideas can keep your clients safe?

What can the clients do once the building is built? Some fire prevention ideas come easy to those who think about fire safety all the time, but they don’t readily come to mind for everyone. There are simple fire prevention ideas that clients can follow once the building is built that will keep them safe. Make sure flammable materials like papers, curtains, and other fabrics are kept well away from candles, heaters, or other heat sources. A quick walk-through at the end of every day to ensure everything is safely put away is a great fire prevention idea.

What can the builder do during the construction of the building? The best fire prevention idea is to ensure fire protection is put into place from the very start. While constructing the building it’s important to use fire prevention materials that will slow the spread of the flames and smoke. There are several different fire prevention solutions on the market, but very few offer protection and flexibility. ShieldAll 6023- Fire Guard offers the flexibility and protection needed for the entire building. ShieldAll 6023- Fire Guard is a coating that can be applied by rolling, brushing, or spraying, making it possible to apply the solution everywhere, including hard to reach areas. This allows more of the building to be protected.

What does ShieldAll 6023- Fire Guard do to protect the building? ShieldAll 6023- Fire Guard solution binds to the most common building materials to create a protective coating. By encasing these common building materials in ShieldAll 6023- Fire Guard, the time it takes for fire to burn a material is extended because the fire must first burn through the protective coating. This added burn time allows more time. Time to potentially get people out of the building. It also gives the fire department more time to potentially save the structure, resulting in less damage overall.

When it comes to superb effectiveness, ease of use, and economy, ShieldAll 6023– Fire Guard is one of the best fire prevention ideas you can use for all your building projects.