One of the worst nightmares for small business owners is losing their operation to a fire. They put their life’s work into their business, and in a matter of minutes, everything is up in flames. As a builder, how can you help your customers prevent this nightmare?

Fire prevention applied during the construction of a building is the most important step. When building offices, warehouses, and other commercial buildings, the choice of fire prevention material can make the difference between a lost structure and a recoverable one. Most builders use fire prevention board, but this only works in some areas. ShieldAll 6023—Fire Guard is the best solution for fire prevention in most areas of any building you construct. ShieldAll 6023—Fire Guard slows the growth of fire and smoke, allowing additional time for people to evacuate, and more of the building to be spared and saved.

ShieldAll 6023—Fire Guard offers the protection you and your clients need. ShieldAll 6023—Fire Guard is a Class A fire prevention solution that works like a paint. It can be tinted to match many surfaces, so your clients can feel protected without changing their desired look and feel of the building. Apply ShieldAll 6023—Fire Guard like paint by rolling, spraying, or brushing, which allows it to be applied to any area, even the smallest of the building. ShieldAll 6023—Fire Guard offers easy cleanup with just soap and water, so cleaning after application is a breeze.

Slowing the fire’s progression is just as important has preventing it from starting. ShieldAll 6023—Fire Guard coats the material and can be applied to all the most common materials. By coating the material, ShieldAll 6023—Fire Guard prevents the fire from coming into direct contact with the material immediately by forming a protective char around it, and thus, slows the burn of the fire. Slowing the burn of the fire provides the fire department more time to respond and can result in more of building being saved or undamaged. ShieldAll 6023—Fire Guard offers the peace of mind you and you client need. Call ShieldAll today for a strong fire prevention solution!