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Mold-resistant Paint

You’re constructing a new building and want to finish with a mold-resistant paint so that your clients don’t have to worry about mold growth. Before you can start the search for a mold-resistant paint, you should know how mold grows so you can find the right product...

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Fire Prevention Products

Preventing a fire from starting can be a difficult task because it means using techniques and habits that make it difficult for a fire to start. These techniques can be anything from how you act within a room to materials used during the building process. How you can...

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Repairing Carpenter Ant Damage

When your home or building has been invaded by carpenter ants, the first step is to get them out of your building. Once the carpenter ants have been removed, you’re left with all the damage. How do you go about repairing carpenter ant damage to your building? What...

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