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ShieldAll provides world-class, long-lasting protective coatings against mold, mildew, wood-boring pests, and fire and smoke spread. Each of our innovative coatings is non-toxic, VOC-free, easy to apply, and exceptionally effective. We bring you industry-leading protection against these common construction and maintenance headaches.

Apply ShieldAll protective coatings just by rolling, brushing, or spraying, and you can rely on them to guard the protected surfaces for years without reapplication. Each coating has been rigorously tested by outside experts, and each coating has excelled in industry-standard tests. Interested in results? No problem. Read our product pages for more detail, or contact us for the lab-tested results and see for yourself how powerful our coatings are.

We’re so confident in ShieldAll protective coatings that we guarantee them with an unprecedented, industry-leading warranty offering decades of protection.

Our products include:


ShieldAll 1020–Mold Guard

ShieldAll 1020 – Mold Guard [link to page] is a white surface coating that offers long-term mold resistance properties to protect the covered surface from fungus, mold, or odor-producing bacteria. It can be tinted to match many types of wood, wallboard, concrete, or other construction surfaces.  We’re so confident in ShieldAll – 1020 Mold Guard that we guarantee it with an unprecedented, industry-leading 25-year warranty offering. That’s right: decades of protection.

ShieldAll 2020–Pest Guard

ShieldAll 2020 – Pest Guard [link to page] is a multifunctional white coating that guards surfaces from wood-boring pests; it’s also effective in preventing mold, mildew, or algae growth on its surface. Use ShieldAll 2020 – Pest Guard during building remediation projects to seal porous and semi-porous construction surfaces, further protecting your work.

ShieldAll 6023–Fire Guard

ShieldAll 6023 – Fire Guard is a white fire-retardant coating that slows the growth of flame and smoke spread during a fire. Use this coating to guard surfaces throughout your building, but because ShieldAll 6023 – Fire Guard is easily applied, you can use it to protect even hard-to-reach surfaces like those under staircases or wherever wallboard isn’t practical

The Best Solutions for Any Building

ShieldAll protective coatings are the best solutions for providing long-term protection against mold, wood-boring pests, and fire and smoke. ShieldAll products are the best solutions for all buildings!



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