ShieldAll 6023–Fire Guard

ShieldAll 6023–Fire Guard is a non-toxic, VOC-free, and durable Class A fire retardant coating. This water-based intumescent product significantly slows flame and smoke spread by forming a protective char over covered surfaces.

You can rely on ShieldAll 6023–Fire Guard to defend combustible construction materials for years—and you get that protection without repeated applications, without the hassle of fire-rated wallboard, without the need for special personal protection equipment.

ShieldAll 6023–Fire Guard gets the job done right. That’s why ShieldAll guarantees ShieldAll 6023–Fire Guard with an industry-leading warranty. You won’t find that capability and confidence anywhere else.

Real Results, Solid Protection

Outside experts tested ShieldAll 6023–Fire Guard, and they confirmed that our fire retardant paint works exceptionally well.

ShieldAll 6023–Fire Guard received a Superior rating as measured by ASTM E-84, the industry’s most widely used standard. During this test, a long sheet of oriented strand board was coated with ShieldAll 6023–Fire Guard, and the board was exposed to a large flame for 10 minutes. With the controls being a red oak board that burns entirely (rated 100) and a fiber cement board that shows no burning (rated 0), ShieldAll 6023–Fire Guard received a 20, making it a Class A fire retardant product. Click here to learn more about our tested results!

Apply our fire retardant paint, and you can rely on it to protect your work for years to come.


ShieldAll 6023–Fire Guard Applications

Just because ShieldAll 6023–Fire Guard is exceptionally effective doesn’t mean it’s difficult to work with. In fact, our water-based fire retardant paint applies easily and cleanly.

Apply ShieldAll 6023–Fire Guard like any good paint. Roll it, brush it, or spray—it defends your construction and doesn’t quit for years. Save time, money, and hassle by not using special PPE and by creating a better working environment for those applying it. When you’re done applying ShieldAll 6023–Fire Guard, simply clean up with soap and water.

ShieldAll 6023–Fire Guard has excellent bonding capabilities, so it will apply to and protect most common construction materials. Its adhesiveness also makes it an excellent choice for remediation projects: by preventing blistering, peeling, and chipping, it helps restore surface strength to material.

ShieldAll 6023–Fire Guard is an excellent fire retardant solution for architectural aesthetics and historic building restoration and preservation because it is extremely thin, applies easily, and enhances surface durability.

The Best Solution for Fire Protection

Don’t compromise the look and feel of your building for its fire protection—choose ShieldAll 6023–Fire Guard, and you can rely on its protection for years to come!

Contact ShieldAll today to learn how you can bring ShieldAll 6023–Fire Guard’s world-class fire protection to your project!

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