ShieldAll 2020–Pest Guard

ShieldAll 2020–Pest Guard is a non-toxic, VOC-free, water-based, and white protective coating that guards surfaces against wood-boring pests. It also protects its covered surfaces from mold and mildew.

Trust ShieldAll 2020–Pest Guard for your building’s termite prevention, and reap the benefits of decades-long protection. That’s right: ShieldAll 2020–Pest doesn’t quit. It sustains world-class protection for the long haul.

That’s why ShieldAll guarantees ShieldAll 2020–Pest Guard with a confident 10-year warranty against visible termite damage and 25-year warranty against mold. You won’t find that guarantee anywhere else.

Real Results, Solid Protection

Don’t just take our word for it. Outside experts have tested ShieldAll 2020–Pest Guard and found it to be an extremely effective termite prevention product.

Experts at the Louisiana State University Agricultural Center tested ShieldAll 2020–Pest Guard, and it received a 9.5/10 using the AWPA E1-13 testing method. During this test, a piece of pine wood was coated with ShieldAll 2020–Pest Guard, and the control was left unprotected. While the termites feasted on the control sample—reducing its mass by more than a third—ShieldAll 2020–Pest Guard protected its sample extremely effectively: less than 1% of the protected sample’s mass was lost! Click here to learn more about our proven results!

ShieldAll 2020–Pest Guard works not by killing the termites directly but by creating an environment that termites want to avoid. While our coating increased the sample’s termite mortality rate significantly, it did so without toxins. How? The termites starved because they wanted to avoid the protected surface. Go to the source of the problem, and turn back any wood-boring invaders from protected surfaces with ShieldAll 2020–Pest Guard.



ShieldAll 2020–Pest Guard Applications

You can work with ShieldAll 2020–Pest Guard like you do any good paint: brush it, roll it, spray it. ShieldAll 2020–Pest Guard is a white, tintable coating, so you can apply it without compromising the aesthetic of your building. After working with it, you can clean up with just soap and water. It’s that simple. 

You can apply the coating on almost any surface where wood-boring pests might cause problems. ShieldAll 2020–Pest Guard applies so easily that you can use it even in hard-to-reach areas like the nooks and crannies of an attic and the building’s crawlspaces.

In addition to termite prevention, ShieldAll 2020–Pest Guard has excellent bonding capabilities that helps restore surface strength to damaged materials and protects it from further degradation. Its superior adhesion properties prevent blistering, peeling, and chipping. Bring ShieldAll 2020–Pest Guard to your building and remediation projects to defend them from wood-boring pests and preserve surfaces. 

The Best Solution for Termite Prevention


ShieldAll 2020–Pest Guard is the best termite prevention solution for residential and commercial projects alike. In climates prone to termite and other wood-boring pest infestations, ShieldAll 2020–Pest Guard locks them out and protects your building project for years to come.

Contact ShieldAll today to bring world-class termite prevention to your building project!

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