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ShieldAll 1020  – Mold Guard | ASTM D-5590 perfect score of zero ( 0 ) is an excellent tintable white surface coating for all types of wood, wallboard, concrete, and other construction surfaces. ShieldAll 1020 – Mold Guard has long-term mold resistance properties that protect from fungus, mold, or odor-producing bacteria from growing on its surface.

Long Term Mold Protection | Laboratory Tested | Paintable | Water Clean-up

NON-TOXIC | Durable | Safe as Water Based Paints | Bonds to Most Common Materials

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About Shieldall 1020 - Mold Guard


Good <strong><em>solutions</em></strong> for any foundation!

EPA registered fungicide

Mold Guard is Non-Toxic!

SHIELDALL 1020 – MOLD GUARD coatings are non-toxic, made with EPA-registered fungicides and they do not leach.

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Where to Use Mold Guard

SHIELDALL 1020 – MOLD GUARD has solutions for residential and commercial alike. Addressing interior and exterior areas prone to mold and mildew. Common spaces such as attics, basements, window and door frames, bathrooms, crawl spaces, wall cavities, and sub-floors.

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Excellent Bonding Capabilities!

SHIELDALL 1020 – MOLD GUARD coatings have excellent bonding capability that helps restore surface strength to damaged material and protect it against further degradation. Superior adhesion properties also prevent blistering, peeling and chipping.

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Tested mold solutions for any foundation!

  • The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) notes that nearly 1/3 of home builders experience mold issues during the construction process:
  • The average 2 x 6 dimensional lumber used for building was still a living tree only 30/40 days prior to being used in a home. Wood arriving to job sites today often already contains more water than wood used years ago. As the demand for wood has continued to grow, the supply of wood from the United States has become much younger, or greener.
  • The average home is exposed to between 6,000 and 9,000 gallons of water while under construction!
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Benefits of ShieldAll 1020 -Mold Guard

  • Mold Guard can increase liability protection for architects, contractors and builders
  • Mold Guard can help to significantly reduce maintenance costs for all property types.
  • Mold Guard provides extra benefits for REITs and other investors by preventing potentially catastrophic damage that can require costly remediation.
  • Mold Guard products are created with EPA-registered ingredients.
  • Mold Guard products have achieved a perfect score based on industry standards ASTM D-3273 and ASTM D-5590. Additionally, unlike other coatings ShieldAll works in the most adverse conditions.
  • Mold Guard creates peace of mind for property owners and tenants.

ASTM D-5590 Mold Test

The test specimen is placed in a Petri dish containing a nutritive agar which promotes mold growth for the duration of the test. The test sample is directly inoculated with viable mold spores. The dish is then placed in a controlled temperature/humidity environment that is optimum for mold growth (85% to 90% relative humidity) for a period of 28 days.

This test is the most severe of the three methodologies for several reasons: This test is run at optimal growth conditions with mold spores inoculated directly to the coating surface.

ASTM-5590 is the most effective predictor of a coating’s ability to resist mold and mildew growth under severe conditions and should be required as a standard when evaluating which coating to use.

ASTM 3273/3274 Mold Test

Test specimen are hung above a layer of nutritive soil that has been inoculated in an environmental test chamber where they with viable mold spores. The panels are allowed to hang in the chamber (95% to 98% relative humidity) for four weeks with a weekly evaluation of the coatings.

This testing method also has limited severity. The coated panel hangs above the active mold growth and it only comes in contact with the mold spores through air circulation within the chamber. The panel is never directly inoculated with viable spores on its surface.

ASTM G21 Mold Test

A Petri dish containing a test specimen is inoculated with viable mold spores and then placed in a controlled-temperature/controlled-humidity environment that is ideal for mold growth (28o C and 85% to 90% relative humidity) for a period of 28 days.

The Petri dish is a non-nutritive nutrient agar that will not support mold growth. Therefore, the test specimen is not in an environment that allows continual spore generation for the duration of the test.

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