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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide industry-leading, nontoxic, protective coatings that outperform the competition.

Value Proposition

ShieldAll offers nontoxic, long-lasting, effective barriers against mold, wood-boring pests, and fire. Our coatings are easy to work with: spray it, brush it, roll it, and clean up with water. No additional expensive personal protection equipment is needed for application. And ShieldAll guarantees its products with the strongest warranties in the industry. 

Long-Lasting, Non-Toxic Protection!

ShieldAll’s revolutionary protective coatings provide world-class, long-lasting, non-toxic protection against mold, wood-boring pests, and fire spread. All ShieldAll protective coatings are safe and bond to most common building materials. They are as easy to use as any good latex paint and cleanup is easy.

Why We’re Unique

ShieldAll’s innovative coatings protect surfaces for years—without reapplication, without toxic chemicals, without volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Apply ShieldAll products like any good paint: spray it, roll it, or brush it. Then rest easy knowing that your surface is protected.

These protective coatings have undergone rigorous testing and excelled. A perfect score on the ASTM D5590, the industry’s most rigorous mold test. The strongest class of termite resistance measured by AWPA Standard E1-13. A Superior Fire Spread Rating (FSR) using the industry’s best-known measurement, ASTM E84. All accomplished with no toxic chemicals, no VOCs.

To top it off, ShieldAll covers each of its coatings with an industry-leading warranty. Protect more surface area for a longer time. Safely, efficiently, and reliably with ShieldAll.   

1020Mold Guard

ShieldAll 1020–Mold Guard is a non-toxic, white surface coating that can be tinted to match many types of wood, wallboard, concrete, and other construction surfaces. ShieldAll 1020–Mold Guard has long-term mold resistance properties that protect surfaces from fungus, mold, or odor-producing bacteria. ShieldAll 1020–Mold Guard is nontoxic and made with EPA-registered materials, and it can be used in any building for any new or remodeling construction projects. It is as safe as a water-based paint, making for easy application and superior bond to most common surfaces. ShieldAll 1020–Mold Guard is back by an unprecedented, industry-leading 25-year warranty.

2020Pest Guard

ShieldAll 2020–Pest Guard is a non-toxic white surface coating that is ideal for use in new construction to prevent future degradation from wood-attacking insects. ShieldAll 2020–Pest Guard also prevents mold, mildew, or algae growth and strengthens and seals porous and semi-porous construction surfaces where it is applied. ShieldAll 2020–Pest Guard is nontoxic and as safe as a water-based paint, making it the ideal protection against degradation from wood-attacking insects. This easily applied coating will keep your new construction looking like new longer.

6023Fire Guard

ShieldAll 6023–Fire Guard is a Class A–rated fire retardant that slows the growth of flame and smoke spread on surfaces during a fire. ShieldAll 6023–Fire Guard received a Superior Fire Spread Rating (FSR) in the fire safety industry’s best-known measurement, ASTM E-84. Shield All 6023–Fire Guard is a nontoxic, durable protective coating that bonds to most common construction materials, that is safe as water-based paints, and that offers protection by slowing the spread of a fire—all while being safe and easy to apply. While it can protect surfaces throughout your building, it also works well for adding fire protection to small, hard-to-reach areas without changing the aesthetics of the project.